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ROZMAZANI is a duo of two personalities who, after the formation of the group, began to mix and diffuse each other.

We are 250 km apart, connected by the Internet, music, Logic Pro X and sound recording devices. So during last year we see eachother 3 times and record about 30 songs. We record separately, remotely, we create in two different worlds. Woytek is synthetic, EBM, electro, I am smeared between industrial, alternative rock and jazz.

The result of the cooperation is slightly claustrophobic electro, dark, cold wave reality framed by a pulsating beat and synthesizers. There are no catchy and pleasant melodies here. It's hard and not optimistic, but intriguing.The duo proposes a mix of influences of cold wave, synth pop, electro/EBM, and electroclash.

The first album of ROZMAZANYCH - SYNTHuzjazm was released on all streaming services on May 28th 2021. It consists of songs created from musical scraps sent to each other on various occasions: birthdays, good night, good morning. The album was announced by the songs Nieznacznie, L.O.V.E., Marudzę and Changing my mind, recorded especially for the compilation Poland has a task released by PHAT Bristol.




Rozmazani releases new video/songle “Jeziora Nieskończone” out of the album “Hard Times” (Diffuse Reality)

Rozmazani - Jeziora Nieskończone (video) Release date, Friday, March 31st, 2023

Watch the Official video for “Jeziora Nieskończone” here after the oficialrelease date

Dark and hunting electro pop vibes, in “Jeziora nieskończone” in a hypnotic mid-tempo beat depecting the atmosphere of the dreamscapes of Edgar Alan Poe’s dark poetry, through whispering vocals.

“Jeziora nieskończone” is taken out of the critically acclaimed second full length album of the Poland based dark, electro-pop duo, titled “Hard Times”.

ROZMAZANI comments on “Jeziora nieskończone”: “Jeziora nieskończone” is a thick drum rhythm but not heavy, so it brings a breathe during listening whole album. The lyrics based on Dream-Land by Edgar Allan Poe so the vocalises reflect the atmosphere of the sleepy dreamland of Poe’s poem. Whispers and murmurs.



"ROZMAZANI - Hard Times" (LP)

“Hard Times” released on February 2nd, 2023 via Diffuse Reality. Available in two versions.
More videos by ROZMAZANI
Unspoken words - in Koksowania “Przyjaźń” and Zamykam oczy (was recorded with view on Huta Katowice).

After releasing first album "Synthuzjazm" two years ago, Rozmazani are back with new material. The band chose not to go in one direction, you will able to find a lot of different arrangements, but the whole album has much more touchpoints and conceptually it seems more organized. It also brings new signposts.

“An unexpected enchantment will be the basis of your amazement, because this album by the Polish band is the magic that sows unstoppable delights…”
Alex Dematteis, Musicshockworld

The album opens, with one of the strongest points, the title Hard times. Hard Times is an sharp and aggressive Peaches-style rhythm with cold, seemingly hushed melodeclamation. Some also hear the influence of Recoil here.

“The second anchor worth hanging on to, is Unspoken Words, which has been planned in such a way that not a single second is wasted in it. Instrumental and vocal transitions are on the highest arrangement level.”
Darek Baran,






Hard Times tracklist:

1.Hard times
2.Zamykam Oczy
5.Jeziora Nieskończone
6.Unspoken Words
7.NINe Days Of Falling
8.Elementos Der Terror (Testículo Cover)
12.Thoughts speak to you
13.Szklana P
14.Ostatni Taniec



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